Manko Montaigne

Manko Paris: your festive restaurant in the heart of the 8th arrondissement

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Welcome to Manko Paris, your festive restaurant in Paris 8 that embodies elegance and a unique culinary experience. Located on the emblematic Avenue Montaigne, Manko Paris is an escape where Peruvian tradition meets Parisian chic, giving birth to a universe of flavors and festivities.

The essence of Manko: celebrating the art of feasting

In the heart of Paris' prestigious arrondissement, Manko Paris shines as a beacon of the gastronomic scene, distinguishing itself as the ultimate address for celebrating in style. Its unique ambience, combined with a warm welcome, creates a sophisticated yet electric atmosphere. It's a space where Peruvian art and culture are boldly expressed through inspired interior design and vibrant artwork. Manko Paris invites you to experience a memorable evening, a destination par excellence for those seeking to savor an exceptional culinary experience in a festive setting.

Luxurious surroundings and a vibrant ambience

Manko's setting, with its sophisticated décor and artistic touches, offers an atmosphere that is both luxurious and welcoming. It's a place where you can relax, meet and celebrate, making Manko a must-visit restaurant in Paris, where evenings are enlivened by a warm ambience, making each visit unique and memorable. The restaurant offers an incomparable festive atmosphere. Whether it's a birthday party, an evening with friends or a corporate event, Manko Paris knows how to make every occasion memorable.

Music at the heart of the Manko Paris experience

Manko Paris is not only renowned for its cuisine, but also for being a restaurant with a musical ambience in the heart of Paris. Live music, ranging from Latin rhythms to contemporary melodies, creates a dynamic atmosphere. Subtly integrated musical performances enrich the culinary experience, making every meal at Manko a moment of pure joy.

Every Thursday evening, immerse yourself in the excitement of Manko Loko! Let yourself be carried away by the sound of saxophone at the counter, live percussion and a relaxed atmosphere. Manko Loko has a loyal clientele, drawn by the art of Pisco, the bewitching atmosphere and the exoticism of this unique Parisian evening. A festive, friendly and cosmopolitan atmosphere awaits you all weekend long in our elegant Manko golden bar.

A restaurant with themed evenings and festive events

Manko is also known for its themed evenings and events, confirming its position as THE festive restaurant in Paris 8th par excellence. Whether celebrating a special event or simply enjoying a night on the town, Manko Paris offers a varied and exciting program including Semana Santa, El Dios de los Muertos, la Candelaria.... There's always something new and exciting to discover at Manko.

Authentic and innovative Peruvian cuisine

For centuries, Peruvian cuisine has drawn inspiration from all the world's cultures. Influences from Europe, Japan, China and Africa have fused with ancient Andean culture and the exuberance of the Amazon, giving birth to a universe of flavors, revealed and shared today. Sharing: this is how Peruvian gastronomy is celebrated. Chef Melio, with his expertise and creativity, brings a modern touch to these traditional recipes. Fresh ingredients, exotic spices and artistic presentation. Each dish is a tribute to the culinary richness of Peru, designed to awaken the senses and celebrate the diversity of flavors. This makes Manko Paris a festive restaurant of choice for lovers of Peruvian cuisine.

A unique cocktail bar for a journey of flavours

In the restaurant's extension, a cocktail bar allows you to compose or end this sweet journey to Inca land, with a local touch... By raising the temperature. The bar offers a wide range of cocktails, with or without alcohol, where Pisco takes pride of place.

A dedicated team for an unforgettable festive evening

The staff at Manko Paris stand out for their attentive, professional service. The dedicated team ensures that every guest feels special, offering personalized service that contributes to the overall experience. The experience at Manko Paris is truly unique, offering guests much more than just a meal.

An invitation to discover the festive restaurant of Paris 8ème

Manko Paris is much more than just a festive restaurant; it's a destination where gastronomy, music and ambiance come together to offer an unforgettable experience. We invite you to come and discover this unique blend of culture, flavors and entertainment. Book your table at Manko Paris for an evening you won't soon forget.


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